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Alice V. Walters

Alice V. Walters Updated April 11, 2015
Alice V. Walters

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Pen Name
Alice V. Walters
Where I Live
United States
Life with Bobby and Bonnie are lessons about life, using the charming characters of bunny twins. Their adventures and misadventures, along with their family and friends help them to learn about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, the hope and forgiveness that can be found in Him. Experiences with young adults in an alternative school setting inspired the life lessons of the bunnies. The author hopes addressing concerns of students considered to be "at-risk" through the universality of animal characters will provide intervention that will encourage some of our youngest and most precious natural resource to live lives of love, hope and forgiveness.

Alice Walters has been blessed by her diverse experiences working with and learning from children of all ages for over thirty years. Summer camp to summer school, preschool through adult learners, Alice learned early on that not only can all children (and adults) learn, they can also teach.

Alice, her husband and their family, live in the Midwest. They enjoy traveling and fine arts. After completing three degrees and holding a variety of positions in education, Alice thinks she's done about everything in public education except coach a sport or drive a bus (for which, we are all grateful). Her most memorable experiences are the ones when her neediest students still found something they could teach or share with others.


Xulon Press book Life with Bobby and Bonnie | Alice V. Walters

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