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Maurice Hardy

Maurice Hardy Updated April 17, 2015


Maurice Hardy

Author Details

Pen Name
Maurice Hardy
Where I Live
Caboolture Quensland Australia
Maurice Hardy was born at Wynyard, Tasmania in 1953. He grew up on a dairy farm in Tasmania’s fertile North West region. From an early age Maurice developed a deep love for music, especially country music, and in his mid teens purchased his first guitar. This proved to be the beginning of a journey consisting of performing, travelling, meeting people and establishing himself in the industry. Maurice played in various bands and also became a prolific songwriter; winning many awards for his songs and vocal abilities. He was an invited guest to many country music events and a regular visitor to the Tamworth Festival.
Beginning his working life as a junior clerk at a fuel terminal, he advanced to become Terminal Manager. After twenty five years in the oil industry, a nation- wide merger meant all the dual facilities were either amalgamated or closed. After a period of time jobs, he decided to try music as a full time career.
Relocating to SE Queensland, and with the unyielding support of Vandra (his wife), he began to achieve acceptance in the highly competitive Queensland music scene. By now Maurice had recorded over twenty albums, and together with sales and live gigs, all the hard work and risk taking appeared to be paying off. Fate, however had a few more cards to deal and within twelve months of each other – (Vandra; Hodgkins Lymphoma; Maurice- aggressive prostate cancer), he realised the biggest battles were still to come. It was during these long sessions of treatment and recovery, Maurice’s other passion for reading novels come to the fore. Then, without really planning to do so, he sat at his laptop and began to write a story. 95 000 words later and many months of editing, ‘Shadows of Perfection’ was born. Maurice has currently seven completed novels.

The daughter of a wealthy farmer and a beautiful actress/ model, Sandra grew up on a vast cattle and cropping property called ‘Lenavale’.
A strong willed although naïve teenager, she embarks on a roller- coaster journey from her insular childhood to an elite city boarding college. It is here she experiences some of the good and the ugly sides of society. However, after meeting a gifted and ambitious athlete, Sandra becomes hooked on middle distance running, leading her to the very highest level of track and field athletics.
Her performances and incredible mental toughness are noticed by Dr. Ian Anderson, a brilliant but eccentric geneticist. Recognised and revered world wide as a genius, Anderson is attributed with some incredible breakthroughs in science and medicine. Now he is determined to discover the role genetics and heredity traits play giving people, like Sandra that elusive x factor.
However, during one of his bizarre experiments, Anderson unwittingly releases an indescribable evil. This terrifying and powerful force has the potential to infiltrate every layer of society and wreak havoc and chaos on an unsuspecting public.
With Anderson’s activities protected by red tape and corrupt bureaucrats, Sandra and her friends are left with no option; they must confront his hellish and deadly creation.
In the desperate final battle; love, loyalty and friendships become blurred and confused, as they enter the realm of their darkest nightmares; a place from which there is no escape.

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