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D.M. Cherubim

D.M. Cherubim Updated May 09, 2013



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A silver medal for its highest review award from Readers' Favorite.

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D.M. Cherubim

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Pen Name
D.M. Cherubim
Where I Live
Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Shout Out
"J.K. Rowling Fans... You are Going to LOVE D.M. Cherubim." - the kindle book review.

"...a wonderful story thats headed to be a forever classic." SusanJac, an reviewer.

Readers' Favorite awarded the book a silver medal for its highest review honor:
"Magic, some religion, and gratitude to a higher power are what make the story rare and intriguing..."
- Sylvia Heslin for Readers' Favorite.

“What a magical book! It reminds me of Roald Dahl’s various stories with a mix of Harry Potter!” - a fan comment posted to the author’s blog.

"Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger by D.M. Cherubim leaves me impatiently waiting for the next novel by Cherubim. Definitely 5 (out of 5) stars, and for all ages, though it is intended as a Y/A novel. Hungry for More." - Literary Excursions from a Girl, Book Blog by a 12-year-old.
Mary Baker isn’t happy. She’s bullied by a mother who hates her and her mother’s boyfriend, a redneck plumber with a big gut. It’s only the mysterious surprises that keep happening to her that make her life fun. Or interesting. Like the anonymous gifts that come in the mail or the flocks of black birds that follow her. Then one day, a death and a mysterious, magical stone with symbols on it, called The Eye of the Tiger, bring her great wealth and a new life attending a school of white magic.     This sometimes amusing adventure include a spell which hits the wrong person with funny results, and real spells that have powerful consequences.     All is going well until a hooded figure steals the stone. Now, her riches in jeopardy, Mary and her friends soon find themselves in real danger as they come up against a young woman who can’t decide if she’s evil or good and a truly evil wizard, who just wants the stone for the wealth it will bring. 

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