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Jeanne Gransee Barker

Book Buzz May 13, 2015
Jeanne Gransee Barker

Author Details

Where I Live
Seattle, WA
Jeanne Gransee Barker is a West Coast fiction writer. She is the author of the science fiction, action-adventure The Intergalactic Adventures of Queen Bea.

Jeanne has lived in a number of US cities, including Chicago, DC, and Charlotte, NC before calling Seattle home. She has been supporting her writing lifestyle as a graphic designer since graduating from North Carolina State University. While there, she studied with a number of wonderful southern writers.

She will try any creative endeavor to keep the muse entertained and the imagination coffers full. As a result characters often show up on her long walks with her dog, giving their two cents on the story’s next twist. She has no shortage of interesting protagonists pestering her to tell their tale.

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