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Dorinda Duclos

Dorinda Duclos   May 16, 2015  
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Dorinda Duclos
Dorinda Duclos

Author Details

Pen Name
Dorinda Duclos
Memberships & Designations
Academy of American Poets, Poetry Society of America
Where I Live
New Jersey
Born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, NY & New Jersey, I’m a Jersey girl at heart. I spent my later years in life seated behind the canvas, painting, creating and in between, writing. I discovered that putting feelings and thoughts to paper helped me solve life’s little conundrums. It became the norm. I had paper and pencil everywhere I went.

I live in the northern part of New Jersey with my husband and two children. They inspire me to be me. My daughter handles my social media/book signings & my son is the cover artist for most of my books.

I currently have eight poetry books available on Amazon, with number 9 publishing shortly, as well as, a work of fiction that has finally found its name. I’m very fortunate to have a supportive ensemble of family and friends, who put up with crazy hours and my constant rhyming (yes, I rhyme without even knowing it).

You can follow my blog by subscribing via email at, so you’ll never miss a poem or post. 🙂 My poetry reflects life, mostly my life, and I hope you find yourself somewhere in there, too.

I’m thrilled that I get the opportunity to share my thoughts about life, love and the world surrounding us. Join me on my journey.” ~ Dorinda

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