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Michael Ruman

Michael Ruman Updated May 23, 2015
Michael Ruman

Author Details

Pen Name
Michael Ruman
Where I Live
São Paulo - Brazil
Magic wand? Nah, he doesn’t need it.
Can fly? Only when kicked real bad in the ass.
Special weapons? Yeah! Super-annihilating-fart-smelling-bomb.
Magic powers? His mom gave a kit to him, as a birthday present, but he kinda messed up.
Special clothes? Only his school uniform.
Is part of a superhero league? Well, has his school friends.
Fighting what kind of criminals? Martians, of course! They are disguised as humans and are among us. They want to conquer Earth, but he will not allow them. Along with his best friend, Eduardo, will give a good kick in the asses of the invaders, with no mercy!


Invaders from Mars: The adventures of Joaquim and Eduardo

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