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Michael R. Stern

Michael R Stern Updated November 01, 2017




Michael R. Stern

Author Details

Pen Name
Michael R. Stern
Where I Live
Riverton, New Jersey
Fritz Russell holds his classroom door for his history students, and together they step into the past, meet Robert E. Lee. Time travel is real. That same afternoon, his class witnesses the tragedy of the Triangle Fire in New York City. How did it happen? Can he control it? And as a teacher, can his new ability help him teach? When confronted by his principal, George McAllister, about strange reports about his classes, Fritz takes George to prove nothing is out of the ordinary. And steps into the Oval Office. The President listens, as Fritz tells the story, and steps through from his office to what he sees is obviously a school. He even shoots hoops in the gym. But as curious as the president is about this new scientific event, he recognizes the potential danger, as does his national security adviser, who wants to end the threat. STORM PORTAL unravels the mystery of the portal. Fritz, together with his wife and friends, search for clues, worried that the full force of the government is working against them. Can they find the answers in time?


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