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Judith M Kerrigan

Judith M Kerrigan Updated April 06, 2013



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Three five star and one four-star reviews on Amazon.
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Pen Name
Judith M Kerrigan
Where I Live
Northeast Wisconsin, USA
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Over the past year I have stumbled on numerous sites which help writers promote their work and get known. Here are just a few: Shelfari and Goodreads, Goodkindles, Book Rooster, Rabid Reader Reviews, Author Quiz, Library Thing, Promocave, Booktown, Authors' Den, She Writes,Writers' Den, Writers' Circle, Indie House Books,, armchairinterveiws, The Indie Review, and for great information on all things marketing and promotion, Dana at The Savvy Book Marketer. There are more! Have at it!
The obvious metaphor in my book, BETRAYAL BY SERPENT, is the snake in the grass. However, after I wrote it and read it many times (proofing, you know--read and re-read), I realized it is about secrets kept from each other my those whose lives are intimately intertwined. It is also about the existence of evil and good and the in-between, and I have always been amazed at how closely evil lies under the surface and how easily we remain in denial even when evidence of it appears in our lives. Anna has a serious struggle pulling herself out of denial to save herself and her children. Another theme is that of women supporting women. Anna's two best friends supply honesty, humor, solidarity and love through this most painful time of her life. Finally, BETRAYAL BY SERPENT is about love in all its forms. I hope all readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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