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Nicholas Borelli

Nicholas Borelli Updated March 31, 2013
Nicholas Borelli

Author Details

Pen Name
Nicholas Borelli
Where I Live
New England

Nicholas Borelli is the New England-based author of the six-novel de'Conti Series: Let No Man Be My Albatross, A Convoluted Defense, The Machiavelli Imperative, FATA! The Act of the Avengeance, At Last Reconciled and Dahij.

THE CHARACTER Nick de'Conti: The de'Conti Series features the protagonist, Niccolò Cérvantés de'Conti . He is a lawyer who progresses from a dirty-faced kid in East Harlem to New York City Prosecutor to U.S. Attorney to a high priced, white-shoe lawyer practicing atop Rockefeller Plaza. These works are raw, edgy, graphic, thought-provoking, multi-ethnic and interracial. de'Conti is no stereotypical lawyer. de'Conti is a good and decent man, an ethnic—brilliant and wealthy. He is a mixture of Basque and Southern Italian, which explains his penchant for independent thought and action, and the passion with which he approaches everything. The works trace his life from the depths of his squalid, childhood poverty in East Harlem to his unimagined success, albeit troubled, conflicted and, at times, ethically bereft. The murder of his twenty year old daughter in the first novel ( Let No Man Be My Albatross ) consumes him, defines his life and impels him to do things to which no ordinary lawyer would give a first thought. Kindle and Paperback Editions are available on Amazon's Websites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Nook Editions from Barnes and Noble also available.


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