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Karen Jonice Bricker

Book Buzz June 09, 2015


Karen Jonice Bricker

Author Details

Where I Live
For Karen Jonice Bricker, storytelling was a regular nighttime occurrence when her children were young. If a story became a favorite, Karen would receive a “two thumbs up,” and the story would then be repeated time and time again. Now, Karen brings the stories to readers of all ages.

A former early childhood and dance teacher, Karen now practices physical therapy and lives in Southeastern Massachusetts, with her husband and kooky, but caring cat, Shadow. Although busy being 20-somethings and testing out different zip codes, her two toughest critics always make a point to come back for a live storytelling session (and maybe a home-cooked meal).

When she’s not writing, Karen enjoying spending time with her family, biking, kayaking, dancing, checking out the latest off-broadway show and planning her next trip.

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