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J. Kaye

Positivity Guides Updated June 20, 2015



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We are a new set up and as such we are aiming to reach out to as many new readers as possible. Hopefully we will get some recognition in the future!


J. Kaye

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J. Kaye
Where I Live
United Kingdom
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We consist of a few enthusiasts that write practical guide books to stimulate the positivity within each reader. Our books are written in a personable manner to build a meaningful relationship and connect with you. Primarily, we write for your enjoyment and to provide you with valuable knowledge and teachings as you are the foundation of our cause to spread more positivity!

As mentioned on our Home Page, positive psychology, self development and philosophy are our main passions and we believe that these are the key factors in creating positive change. As such, our books address topics within the spectrum of these passions. Topics include realities that we all experience and how to utilise them positively. This brings many benefits, some of which are listed below.

Our books help you to:
. Feel empowered from the knowledge and skills learned
. Feel motivated and energetic to utilise the teachings discussed
. Feel grateful as you see the results of the skills that you practise

Emphasis is put on keeping our books practical. We do this by:
· Breaking up topics into easily digestible chapters
· Ensuring that content is informative with examples explaining points made
. Studying the work of respected people within each topic
· Summarising ‘Key Points’ at the end of each chapter, listing the main points to acknowledge
· Summarising all ‘Key Points’ at the end of the book
· Writing a final chapter explaining how to practically use all ‘Key Points’, using an example situation in which you can adapt your situation to and relate with

To view our books, you can visit our Books Page:

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