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James Lyons-Weiler

James Lyons-Weiler Updated June 15, 2015


James Lyons-Weiler, Author Photo

Author Details

Pen Name
James Lyons-Weiler
Where I Live
Allison Park, PA
A thought leader in evolution and genomic sciences uses logic and reason to examine how religious and scientific dogma, superstition, ignorance, fear, politics, and evolution conspired to lead to the world’s worst outbreak and first international epidemic of Ebola in 2014.

About the Book
Unfathomably misleading claims about the biology of Ebola have motivated James Lyons-Weiler, a widely recognized thought leader in evolutionary science and medical research, to combine his voracious appetite for information and his relentless pursuit of truth to set the record straight about what is known, and not yet known, about Ebola. Establishing the message, “Evolution is Real”, he takes on the question of how ignorance, and misleading statements have combined to prevent the scientific community from discovering the obvious: that the virus in this epidemic is different in important ways from those in past outbreaks. Some have called like-minded colleagues sensationalists; Lyons-Weiler gives no ground and replies that Science is something more than an excuse for research funding: Science is, after all, for asking questions. Issues examined his new book, Ebola:An Evolving Story, via logic, reason, and evidence backed by extensive published studies and unique contributions from experts at the front lines include:
•how cultural priorities behind policies contributed to widespread misunderstanding about the virus and unacceptable risks to health care workers, and the public;
•how changes in transmission dynamics may have contributed to the rapid rate of spread;
•important differences between 1995 and 2014 symptoms of Ebola virus disease;
•whether the virus has undergone adaptive evolution prior to, and during, the epidemic;
•factors and tactics that led to the decline in the rate of spread, and how some were quite inhumane;
•how international and US government policies fell far short of any reasonable expectation in their capacity to conduct timely and appropriate responses that educate and inform, and not mislead, the public.

About the Author
James Lyons-Weiler has taught genetics, ecology, bioinformatics, and evolution at institutions of higher learning in the United Stated. As a Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow he studied Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, and founded the Bioinformatics Analysis Core at the University of Pittsburgh and the Ebola Rapid Assay Development Consortium. A lifelong student of how methods in biological and medical research impose limits on understanding, he brings a vast and varied background to the problem of understanding all aspects of any topic he studies. He brings light to issues with a literary craft that helps the reader understand the issues, and the issues behind the issues, with clarity. In an era of big data and big money interests, he has paved new inroads into maintaining a classic focus on the scientific aspects of research.

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