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Crystal Blakeney

CB Updated June 24, 2015


Crystal Blakeney

Author Details

Where I Live
Washington DC
Crystal Blakeney was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the youngest of three children and the only girl, mother of three and has been living in the Washington, DC (DMV) area for over 30yrs. She is the author of the Paradise & Cove children series, Accountant for over 20yrs, Entrepreneur, and CEO of two companies located in the State of Maryland. After being diagnosed with cancer, going through treatments and now cancer free. She was inspired to write for children while doing some volunteer work, reading to children in shelters, Day Cares and Library's. She decided that it was time to put her work out there. Seeing the expression and attention on the children's faces while reading, was a motivation to her to write a series of books for the children. Her passion is traveling with her family and friends, playing with her two Peekapoo puppies, riding roller coasters at amusement parks, cooking, inspirational speaking and helping people overcome obstacles in their life. Her favorite motto is
"Live Life Each Day to The Fullest Because You Can’t Get Back Tomorrow and WIT – Whatever It Takes."

Paradise and Cove Count Feathered Friends
Paradise and Cove Count Feathered Friends® is a counting book. It tells a story about two parrots and their journey while acting as a learning tool, encouraging your kids to count along with the parrots as they add up their number of feathered friends. Paradise & Cove are on their way to meet up with family at the beach. Along the way they count their feathered friends. This book teaches children counting, spelling the numbers and visual numbers through colorful humorous illustrations and a gripping story.

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