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Vivienne Alonge

Vivienne Alonge Updated November 26, 2016


Vivienne Alonge

Author Details

Pen Name
Vivienne Alonge
Where I Live
My name is Vivienne Alonge. I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Moved around the country and then around the world. I had the privalage of going to Africa. Whilst on this journey to Nigeria I met my lovely Husband and started a new journey. I have four beautiful children and four life giving grandsons. And now our first granddaughter. Here I am many years later in Texas writing some of my thoughts and memories to you, I hope you will enjoy them. Monty was an idea. I had to occupy my children and their friends on a stormy day in Texas. Give them the latitude to discover their imagination. From there Monty came to life. A fish that behaves like a child, doing things that we love to do. Thanks to those youngsters, my thoughts went to what out of character other animals can do. So here we are with Monty going to the Zoo. I hope you enjoy Video Thank you for taking the time to check me out.

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