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Ron Argo

Book Buzz July 01, 2015



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Sigma Delta Chi's 1st Place award for Investigative Reporting
finalist in the 2013 San Diego Book Awards
Ron Argo

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Ron Argo, a prize-winning journalist and author and a decorated war veteran, served as an army combat correspondent in Vietnam in 1969-70. He is the author of sweeping historical novels and thriller that are all character driven and action oriented, themed with tough and compelling choices that render self-revelation and redemption. His widely acclaimed historical thriller, Year of the Monkey (Simon & Schuster), paints a comprehensive and human canvas of the Vietnam War for which he was applauded for writing "one of the best novels on Vietnam." Argo was raised in Alabama where, in high school, he got into some trouble during the Civil Rights Movement and left that state for good, moving to Atlanta and finishing high school there then on to Univ of Georgia's school of Journalism. Drafted into the army in 1969 after unsuccessfully running from state to state until he was broke and married, he did his basic training at Ft. Benning (GA) then went on to Vietnam along with his entire company of fresh-faced boys, many of whom would not return alive or like Ron Kovic, not whole. He reported for various newspapers until escaping back to school for a masters. His novel, The Sum of His Worth, another grand historical subject, comes from his teen years growing up in the South; the story drops us off in Alabama in 1958 where an impoverished white boy finds meaning defending his black friend against the Ku Klux Klan, in which he will willfully commit murder. The Courage to Kill, first in the Ray Myers series of mystery thrillers, features the ace crime reporter bringing down a deranged serial killer in a story of child abuse; and his forthcoming novel, Baby Love (2015), second in the Myers series, is a wildly ribald adventure/thriller that finds the reporter on the deadly trail of a bumbling but ruthless baby smuggling outfit operating out of Baja California. Argo holds three university degrees. He was awarded Sigma Delta Chi's 1st Place award for Investigative Reporting and a finalist in the 2013 San Diego Book Awards. He and his second wife Mary live in San Diego where he continues with the creative process.

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