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Berti Walker

Berti Walker Updated July 11, 2015




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Berti Walker
Berti Walker

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Pen Name
Berti Walker
Where I Live
United States
Berti Walker has been shedding her soul into her writing since 2013 and lives with her husband and son in a place that is ridden with angry corpses, decaying with age as they bake in the sun and lust after the flesh of the young, while drinking screw drivers with alligators. The place she resides juts into the Atlantic like a giant phallus, with the waters of the Everglades running through its veins. Some of you might recognize this as Florida.
Berti is a lady of the night when it comes to slinking into shadowy corners and sliding into shaded alleys, rife with the dark souls that she encounters within the limits of her exquisite imagination. She has been known to copulate with beasts of horror, noble and dark fantasy, mysterious alien beings of sci fi, and the escaped psychiatric patients of Bizzaro. More often than not, she degenerates into an orgiastic, flesh-slapping combination of all of those, rolled into one goddamn amazing piece of work.

-As she writes, she dons adult onsies, complete with capes.
-While penning out her little bits of deviance she listens to movie soundtracks to help set the mood.
-She kept a journal of her nightmares for years that were filled, as the author says, “with such filth and depravity, such hellish things, that Chuck Palahaniuk would simultaneously throw up and get a boner if he read it.”
Unfortunately she lost this journal on a plane for some poor sorry sap to find, who probably had to resort to heavy doses of sedatives combined with alcohol to sleep at night, after making the mistake of reading it.

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