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Claire Louise Aire

Claire Louise Aire Updated July 11, 2015
Claire Louise Aire

Author Details

Pen Name
Claire Louise Aire
Where I Live
Melbourne, Australia
I am an Australian author. As a child I loved reading so much that I had to get glasses at age 6! I grew up with Tamora Pierce, Eoin Colfer, Brian Jacques, Isobelle Carmody and many more. I both loved and envied the characters and their adventures. I grew up checking antique cupboards just in case I found my version of Narnia and told my parents several times that I would have to run away because Peter Pan was taking too long to appear and I had to take things into my own hands. Perhaps it's no suprise that I started writing my own stories.
My first published work was a poem I wrote when I was five - not quite on level of a Shakespearean sonnet, I'll admit. However, since then I've written many short stories and poem, but 'Wildfire' is my first novel. It is a fantasy novel for young adults, set in the mythical world Tarraneia. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!


Wildfire (Sample - Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, 3)

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