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David McDonald

David McDonald Updated April 03, 2013



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David McDonald
David McDonald

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Pen Name
David McDonald
Where I Live
Leven, Scotland
For too long I have witnessed the romanticised Poetry dealing with current conflicts, these do not tell the true cost to the reader. I wrote the Trilogy of "A SOLDIERS POEMS" to offer the reader the honest naked truth, a chance to read the real cost and effects on our Forces and the society.
I pull no punches and the raw honesty is there, you need the honesty to be willing to find out.

My volumes of Poetry which followed do, as time has worn the anger, soften a little and perhaps are easier to read for that.

Having written two short novels I am now writing my first substantial piece and going greyer and getting older for it. For centuries man has warred over religion, territory, women, materials
and many more reasons, always his enemy has been recognised. The
honourable warrior fought in the uniform of his country or employee
while his enemy afforded him the same courtesy.
Over time rules of engagement were developed and recognised, these
existed to protect civilians and provide a code of conduct for the care of
wounded and prisoners.
Today forces fight war against an enemy who no longer recognises these
rules and codes, in Afghanistan the enemy wears no uniform and shows
no care for the civilians who may be injured or killed. Our brave men and
women must fight an enemy who is content to use indiscriminate devices
(IED's) to kill or maim.
As you read some of these pieces you may feel uncomfortable, this would
be nothing to the feelings our forces and most certainly our Veterans feel
on a regular basis.
Keep this in mind as you read these works.




A Heart Without Words
A Soul Will Cry
The Procession
ENLIGHTENMENT...The Magic Man ...Book 1
A Soldiers Stories (Poems)
Lost Century Promo
The Rose
The Garden
Tell My Rose

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