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Ruth Bedder

Ruth Bedder Updated September 15, 2015


Ruth Bedder

Author Details

Pen Name
Ruth Bedder
Where I Live
Nottingham, UK
Ruth Bedder was raised on the Yorkshire Coast with a heady mix of sea-air, good music, and sandstone.

A mixed career of strange jobs including analysing chips, undressing actors, and professionally buying shoes have left her poorly prepared for any one of the upcoming predicted apocalypses; unwilling to throw herself in a vat of radioactive gloop, she writes superhero fiction in the hope that it might one day rub off and give her superpowers.

She studied High Risk Colouring-In (Geology) at Durham University, where she discovered that academic scientists are in fact the world’s first alcohol based life forms. As a result of this, she can construct a passable strata map, even when inebriated, and knows what a compass-clinometer is.

As a graduate she tried to train to be a ninja, but quickly discovered that she was too excitable and alerted her enemies to her presence by shouting “woop” rather a lot. Her career as a stealthy warrior-assassin being a failure, she took to a life in IT, writing fiction, and eating a lot of cake.

She now lives in the East Midlands, and still says “woop” too often.

She is not knowingly in contact with any professional ninja.

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