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Jim Yackel

Jim Yackel Updated May 16, 2015
Jim Yackel

Author Details

Pen Name
Jim Yackel
Where I Live
Upstate New York
Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. "Remembering Will" released in May 2015 is his latest novel. "Eyes Pried Open" released in October 2014 is the sequel to the End Times suspense/thriller "The Sleepwalkers" released earlier that year. The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction "The Wayfarers Complete Collection" encompasses the three original books of the Wayfarers Trilogy and was released in October of 2013. The intriguing Christian/End-Times fiction book "Dead-Ringer" rounds out his current bibliography and came in April of 2013.


An Awesome Story and Song
Ouija Board and Rosary Beads

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