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Nico Reznick

Nico Reznick Updated October 11, 2015




Nico Reznick

Author Details

Pen Name
Nico Reznick
Where I Live
Nico Reznick is a writer and spoken word performer of ambiguous immigrant extraction. Having spent her early life moving around various European countries as a ‘corporate army brat’, Nico now lives in Shakespeare country with her editor and two feline overlords.

She has appeared as a warm-up act for a number of established poets, and is a regular attendee and guest at local spoken word events.

Nico’s darkly comedic début novel, Anhedonia, and her first collection of poetry, Over Glassy Horizons, are both available on Amazon.

Nico has served stints as a dead-eyed bureaucrat (until realising there’s only so much negative emotion you can bury in spreadsheets), as a purveyor of bad, smuggled wine (statute of limitations since expired) and as a political canvasser and campaign agent (she can tell you how a household will vote based solely on their front garden).

Besides writing, her interests include photographing rust, getting angry about politics and assembling Lego, which – she claims – centres her. If you met Nico in life, you probably wouldn’t get on.

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