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Carolyn D. Jenkins

Carolyn Jenkins Updated December 01, 2015



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Carolyn D. Jenkins
Carolyn D. Jenkins

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CjQenterprises promotes ideas that lift you up! Author, publishing, jingle writing and voiceover. I LOVE My Feet DayS! is a division of CjQenterprises. We are the proud sponsor official National I LOVE My Feet Day!, celebrated annually every August 17, which promotes good foot care.
Carolyn D. Jenkins LOVES BOOKS. Her love for books began in second grade and continues today. After she read Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women', the third time, she knew she wanted to write children's books.

Carolyn's dream was sidetracked after she graduated from college and began working, but her love of books was never too far away. While she and her husband were raising their youngest child, they became bookstore owners. This experience taught Carolyn the business side of being an author. When Carolyn became a grandmother, she realized she needed to write down her family's never ending supply of stories.

"The Family Adventures of Princess Ladybug and Princess Ladybird Laundry Day", is Carolyn's first book and yes, it's based on a true story she shared with her family. It is available in ebook and paperback and the audio book will be available soon..
Carolyn's second book, "The Family Adventures of Princess Ladybug and Princess Ladybird Papa's Farm", was released in May 2015. It is available in ebook and paperback.

Carolyn's passion to promote good foot care and appreciation for our primary mode of transportation motivated her to write her third book, "My Feet: An Ode". It also led her to create National I LOVE My Feet Day! recognized annually on August 17. My Feet: An Ode, is beautifully illustrated by Meghan Kube, was published in June 2015. It is in available in paperback and the ebook and audio book are in production.

Carolyn introduced her first book about foot care as an ebook. "How To Avoid Killer Boots and buy boots that feel as good as they look! is a how-to book for purchasing fashion boots. Consumers with common foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, corns and diabetes will learn the best type of boots they should purchase and get advice on foot care products that can aid them. "How To Avoid Killer Boots and buy boots that feel as good as they look!" also information about successful celebrities who have similar foot conditions. Chock full of pictures, this book is an easy read consumers can download and take with them as they shop for boots. "How To Avoid Killer Boots and buy boots that feel as good as they look!" is available at, a division of CjQnterprises.

Carolyn rounded out 2015 with another book that promotes good foot care. "Irresistible; Rockin' Hot Party Shoes your feet will love!" is an incredible collection of nearly 150 party shoes. . This easy to read ebook has good foot care tips every woman can use as they selects party shoes that won't hurt their feet. "Irresistible; Rockin' Hot Party Shoes your feet will love!", is available at, .

Carolyn and her husband live in Virginia. Her favorite authors are Erma Bombeck, Max Lucado and John Grisham.

Carolyn D. Jenkins is the founder and CEO of CjQenterprises. CjQenterprises focuses on developing and promoting creative products and ideas that communicate a positive message through various forms of media. Visit her webpage at .

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