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Tiriq R. Callaway

Tiriq Callaway Updated October 21, 2015
Tiriq R. Callaway

Author Details

Pen Name
Tiriq R. Callaway
Where I Live
New Jersey
Does perseverance characterize the strength of a man? What distinguishes life from purpose is how one perseveres despite faults, unforeseen circumstances and distressing environments. When left in perplexing situations the ultimatum is to either conform to complacency or individualize to overcome obstacles. In his real life accounts, Tiriq Callaway will take you on a journey through his most endearing childhood moments, growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood & brave reflections on his family's hard times. His tenacity & relentless fight to break free from all environmental barriers, struggling to finish college ultimately to graduate with his Master's degree, and embarking on a vast spiritual reawakening is a compelling testament to the real fabric of a man.


A Diamond In God's Dirt

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