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Pam K Branstetter

Pamela K Branstetter Updated October 27, 2015



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Pam K Branstetter

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Pamela K Branstetter
Where I Live
United States
Can it be true? In the midst of foreboding darkness surrounding this world, is it possible for mere humans to converse with a loving God face to face? Absorbed in His sovereignty? Engulfed by His love and glory? Does Almighty God, the Creator of every speck of life and breath actually reveal Himself to people like you and me?
Wow! YES! A thousand times, YES! But, why me?
Adventures with Abba is a collection of heartwarming nuggets designed to transport the reader from a frenzied lifestyle into a cherished relationship with a loving, caring, faithful Heavenly Father. Aptly called "adventures" these stories reveal new and exciting heights Abba Father took this couple in His word, during prayer,visions, and in dreams. Some of which developed radical, life-changing lessons, while others nurtured food for thought or humorous antic dotes.
You too can know Him as Abba Father, Daddy God!

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