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Richard Matthews

Dr. Richard Matthews Updated November 21, 2015




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Richard Matthews

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Ellsworth, Maine USA
-Do gut bacteria influence brain function?

-Can microbiome imbalances cause health problems?

-Do probiotics work? Why do some studies show health benefits, and others don't?

-What have researchers revealed about how the microbiome affects human function?

-Learn how different aspects of modern life make it challenging to maintain a healthy population of gut bacteria and what this means for your health!

-How is the new controversial buzzword, "Microbiome," changing the way we practice healthcare and the very definition of life itself?

"This excellent and long needed book presents in a clear and sound manner the recent dramatic findings about our gut bacteria. These thousands of trillions microorganisms living inside us play a crucial role in regulating our well-being throughout life. The new message is of great importance to the entire medical community, life sciences researchers, as well as the general public. Realizing the role of gut bacteria can help each of us to better understand the effect of nutrients, as mediated by the gut bacteria, on our body in health, in disease and in special times, such as pregnancy, nursing or periods of high stress. For example, we now understand that the massive use of antibiotics in children, adults and agriculture has endangered our vital microbiome and is liable to cause diseases such as Type 2 diabetes on a global scale. The gut microbiome is emerging as a vital part of humanity, without which health and happiness are severely compromised. The time has come for this knowledge to be widely understood!"

Professor Eshel Ben-Jacob, International member of the American Philosophical Society

Professor of Physics
The Maguy-Glass Professor
in Physics of Complex Systems
School of Physics and Astronomy
Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel

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