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Grant Harper Reid

Grant Harper Reid Updated February 08, 2016



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Grant Harper Reid acceptes his NAACP Black History Month Founders Day Book Award from Kyndell

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Dr. Grant Harper Reid author of "Rhythm For Sale"
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Harlem, New York City
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Five Star-Award Winning Finalist-Readers Favorite---Reid's book is a fascinating look at the dazzling Harlem Renaissance that was the backdrop to the life of his grandfather Leonard Harper. Those wanting to learn about this wonderful era of dance and theater history will realize they have a marvelous find in "Rhythm For Sale". The author's writing style is highly descriptive and entertaining.

Foreword/Clarion Review---This book presents a broad range of behind-the-scenes theater experiences---all of which are full of humor and push envelopes. The book is well, researched and documented. Harlem Renaissance history enthusiast will savor the names, places, shows, and feel of the era through the life of Leonard Harper.

Kirkus Reviews---Reid's "Rhythm For Sale" biographical debut ventures into the beating heart of the Harlem Renaissance through the life of his grandfather Leonard Harper. "Rhythm For Sale" is an entertaining biography that circles the theater and taps into an important cultural movement.

Chanticleer Reviews---Like Harper himself, his biography, "Rhythm For Sale" is a vigorously and highly entertaining read that will transport its reader. Highly recommended,

"Rhythm For Sale" is the account of Harlem Renaissance Producer/Stager Leonard Harper. Harper was the forerunner who employed thousands of promising young stars like Ellington, Lena Horne, Chick Webb, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, and a whole host of others. Harper Staged uptown in Harlem at gangster Dutch Schultz's hangout Connie's Inn and downtown at Lucky Luciano's main joint the Kentucky Club/Hollywood Inn and inside Chicago mobster Al Capone's Grand Terrace Cafe.

It was inside Connie's Inn that Harper created his hit Broadway showpiece "Hot Chocolates'" where he devised the debut numbers for "Ain't Misbehavin" and "Black And Blue". It was right next door at the Lafayette Theater offices where Harper and Oscar Micheaux mounted and planned the first all Black Takie film "The Exile".

Leonard Harper was the multi-talented visionary who gave birth to what millions on Broadway enjoy today. His works as detailed in "Rhythm For Sale", his artistic virtuosity and down home Southern influences electrify theater experiences nowadays.

"Harper was one of the most important contributors to the entertainment mystique that enveloped Harlem in the 1920's and 1930's. He essentially invented nightclub floor show, Harlem style that everyone, uptown and down, then emulated"-Barry Singer of Chartwell Booksellers.

This book brings you to the party, offer you a cocktail and gives you a front row seat to all of the action...
About Dr. Grant Harper Reid author of "Rhythm For Sale"
Grant Harper Reid attended and graduated from Bard College with a Degree in the Arts and went on to study at The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences and with Ossie Davis' New Cinema Artists Institute. Grant worked in various capacities in the entertainment industry throughout the decades. Grant Reid had worked primarily on major motion pictures, music videos, television productions and commercials securing and supporting locations. In the Record industry, Mr. Reid worked in the promotional departments supporting major musical artists.

Rhythm For Sale is considered one of the 56 Best Self-Published Books for 2015 by the IndieReader Staff.

One fateful day Grant accidentally stumbled upon a Harlem Renaissance book in a local Harlem library. The book mentioned his grandfather the late Colored Musical Comedy theatrical producer Leonard Harper. This event changed Reid's life forever as he dropped everything to learn as much as possible about one of the most prolific Producer/Directors who ever lived. Reid now shares all that he has learned in his biography about his Jazz era famous and unknown till now, grandfather Leonard Harper in his Five-Star, Award Winning book "Rhythm For Sale".


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