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Guy Lozier

Guy Lozier Updated November 21, 2015




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Guy Lozier

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Headlines: PRLOG: New Author's Novel is being produced as a Movie...Guy Lozier, an Oklahoma resident, recently published his first novel “The Eternal: Guardian of Light” which is Book One of “The Mind Rift Saga” and it is already in production as a movie. The locations for movie scenes range from Oklahoma, to Tennessee, to California, to Boston, and all the way to Cairo Egypt. It will include actors from Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, Jamaica, and Egypt, bringing to life the Pyramids, the Nile River, the Sphynx, an Ancient Temple, and an Egyptian Museum. Guy’s fans of his novel have called him a genius when discussing his writing methods. He is currently offering free Autographed Collector’s Editions of his novel to 50 individuals who have residence in the USA & who purchase his ebook or paperback novel on Amazon and leave him a review. His second novel in “The Mind Rift Saga” is nearly two thirds finished currently with plans to publish next year. Guy has created an epic adventure which spans many dimensions, introducing mind tearing characters of darkness and advanced alien societies bent on universal conquest. It takes the reader from the lowest dimensions of form to the highest dimensions and beyond into timelessness. It covers thousands of years and touches on advanced and highly evolved humans of the future. Creatures of mythology and never before seen creatures take form in his story. None have created such a vast and far reaching story in modern or ancient times. Check him out on Amazon to rekindle your love of reading.


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