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Kathy Rae

Kathy Rae November 22, 2015

Author Details

Pen Name
Kathy Rae
Where I Live
Southeaster Idaho
The Jewel of Hope: What would you do if you found out that you were chosen to break a curse that was passed down through your family? And the only way to break it was to lose your life? There's no escaping...except to find a hidden jewel...the only Hope...The Jewel of Hope.

Dyslexia can be a frustrating stumbling block to successfully learning until it is uncovered, understood and treated. "Dyslexia: An Easy Fix For The Milder Cases of the Reading Disorder, Dyslexia," will encourage anyone who struggles with reading and give them hope to conquer this disorder.

Ducky Day or Yucky Day ~ You Choose: Daffnee duck wakes up each morning seeing sunshine even on a cloudy day. Everyday is ducky to her! Her brother, Davie would rather stay in bed all day because his days are just plain yucky! When the two of them are separated from their Mama, their attitudes become a point of conflict. Find out who wins the battle of the attitudes in Ducky Day or Yucky Day ~ You Choose


Ducky Day or Yucky Day ~ You Choose
Deprogramming A Bully  1920 x 1080
Snatching Hope Away
The Jewel Of Hope

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