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John C. Anderson

John Car; Anderson Updated November 21, 2013




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John C. Anderson
John C. Anderson

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Pen Name
J.C. Anderson
Where I Live
Shaker Heights, OH

J.C. Anderson is a published writer, a business development consultant, and an award-winning corporate communications manager. He is the author of seven books and more than 100 journal articles. Mr. Anderson is the founder of Amazing Adventures, Inc., a developer of role-playing, streaming video training software, and Test Central, Inc. ( He owns the patents for administering assessments on the Internet. He is currently the managing director of Concepts & Messages, Inc. (, a developer of marketing communications tools for corporations and nonprofit enterprises. His experience includes senior management of software development, sales and marketing, advertising, skills training, public relations, and marketing communications. He is the author of two histories, "Girty: the Legend" and "Free Love: Cultivating the Garden of Eden in America," and three novels in the continuing "Holly Goforth" coming of age series, "Book One: the Stalking," "Book Two: the Revenge," and now "Book Three: The Revival." He is now completing the fourth novel in that series. He is also the author of a satirical memoir about his career in newspapers, magazines, advertising, public relations, and e-commerce, "The Wages of Gin," in response to the seemingly endless generation of professional failurists whose tiresome subject is "how the publishing industry ruined their lives," to quote a recent article in "The New Yorker, "Cry Me a River" by Giles Harvey. Mr. Anderson also authored "The Threat to Our Potable Water Supply" in collaboration with a corporate client. A synopsis of each published book may be read at and a profile of his company is available at


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