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Brian J Hibberd

Brian Hibberd December 01, 2015



Book Listings

***** (Star rating)
A fantastic read full of twists and turns!
By Mrs. D. M. Bridgland on 26 April 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A brilliant read full of surprises - looking forward to reading more from this new and very talented author.

***** (5 Stars)
Would make a great movie!
By G. Ritchie - 20 July 2015
Amazon Verified Purchase
A refreshingly strong Crime Thriller with a surprising twist. Strong, plausible characters with clever and intricate plotting keeps the reader intrigued. A good page turner. Will keep my eye out for this author's next installment.

Brian J Hibberd

Author Details

Pen Name
Brian J Hibberd
Where I Live
United Kingdom
Synopsis - Penny Black

Murder or Suicide?  Rape or Infidelity?  Justice or Injustice?
Following her return home after working the night shift at Royal Mail’s Cash Security Depot, Penny Black suffers a brutal rape at the hands of her Manager, Alexander. 

Penny’s husband, Tommy, struggles to come to terms with his wife’s disclosure, his angered rage agonising with her persuasion to follow the judicial system.
During the forthcoming Investigation, Alexander prevaricates, distorting the truth, convincing his friends and colleagues, he and Penny, were lovers and involved in an illicit affair.  The prosecution’s case collapses, leaving Tommy an embittered and disillusioned man.

Whilst Tommy deliberates on how best to seek his own retribution, he returns to work at Royal Mails Cash Vaults, leaving his wife alone for the first time since her ordeal.  When returning home from his night shift, Tommy discovers his dead wife’s body floating in the bath.
The inquest concluded a verdict of Suicide.  Convinced that the evidence into the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death was manipulated, ex-army Intelligence Officer, Tommy, embarks on a life-changing journey to seek his own form of justice.

Following many months in the planning, Tommy devises an ingenious and elaborate plan to complete a daring robbery of thousands of pounds, collected from the ‘The Queen Elizabeth II’ Toll bridge.

The intrigue and deception involved leaves little room for error.  He must remain one-step ahead of the Police Investigation at all times.

Tommy and his three closest friends, begin a voyage of discovery that takes them from a mundane existence of drudgery, to the heavenly blue seas of Belize, in the Caribbean, only to discover that shadows from their past follow in their wake.  

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