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Lynnette Lounsbury

RED RAVEN Updated November 30, 2016




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Lynnette Lounsbury

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Lynnette Lounsbury has been writing books for most of her life, but is just getting around to publishing them. Her first published novel, Jack Lives Here is out now through The Mad Ones, and her YA novel Afterworld was just released by Allen & Unwin in Australia (February 2014).

After college, Lynnette married an American thinking she might score a Green Card but was double-crossed and ending up living in Sydney, Australia, which she now loves. She divides her time unequally between writing, lecturing, studying Ancient History and raising two wild things. She recently realized none of her skills will be useful post-apocalypse, so is trying to befriend people who hunt, build and understand machines (Facebook her if this is you).

Look for another book out soon, because writing is a fabulous, incurable disease.

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