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Janice J. Richardson

Janice J. Richardson Updated August 29, 2016
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Author Details

Pen Name
Janice J. Richardson
Where I Live
Niagara Region Canada
Who? What? Why? Perhaps the most asked personal question of any mortician/undertaker/funeral director is why? Why would you want to be a funeral director?
Not always an easy question to answer. Funeral directors the world over share the same goals, to help people. Grief and death is something all human beings face. But why be around death and grief most of the time? Why not medicine, or police service or accounting?

What does a funeral director do with their day? What kind of education do they need?

And finally - who. The author takes you on a journey through her funeral service education experience and beyond. With gentle humour and compassion you find out what it takes and why the author chose to be part of the team that assist at the the worst place in your life, the death of a loved one.

From the first time transferring a body to the funeral home and into the prep room, from coroner's calls to stillbirths, journey with her through a fulfilling career in an often misunderstood profession.

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