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Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman Updated February 08, 2016


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Ken Coleman

Author Details

Pen Name
Ken Coleman
Where I Live
Derby United Kingdom
Ken Coleman was born in Derby England. An avid reader and a teller of stories from a very early age, he developed a vivid imagination and would often tell stories to his siblings and friends which he was able to make up as he went along. However after leaving school at the age of fifteen he lost his way slightly and drifted from job to job as well as hanging around with gangs of Teddy Boys which were the trouble makers of that period and often found himself at odds with the law. At age 18 he decided to find a direction for his life before he got in too deep on the wrong side of the law and joined the British Royal Navy serving 9 years during which time he saw much of the world and was called into action during the Icelandic fishery wars and again in the Far East protecting Philippine traders from Indonesian pirates. After leaving the Navy, he became a trucker and spent many lonely hours on the road where his imagination kept his mind active by working on plots for stories, but that’s as far as it went for he was also a keen sportsman and most of his spare time was taken up playing football, squash and golf, as well as his main love, reading westerns which he had developed a liking for from a very early age. Once he became too old to play football or squash, but not golf, he began to write short stories as well as poetry, some of which were published in the local newspaper. He even tried his hand at writing a novel which he hand wrote in pencil on lined paper, but even though he finished it, it never got published. It wasn’t until computers became more accessible to common man and research became easier with the advent of such sites as Google and Wikipedia where one was able to undertake extensive research, that he became more active in his novel writing and because self-publishing was becoming easier, he finished and published his first serious novel, “The boy with the 40 year old brain.” However, Historical Western Adventure and Western Romance were his first love but because he felt it inconceivable that an Englishman would be capable of writing in that genre he never attempted the task. It was only later, after a couple of vacations to the United States where he and his wife drove through the States of California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado, that he became confident of writing a historical western book and after his third trip to America, he took up the task. His first western novel was called, ‘Revenge and Chameli Gonzales,” which came out on Amazon to many 5 star reviews and sold nearly 2,000 copies in the first 2 months. This gave him the incentive to write a sequel, “Cheyenne Dawn (Rachael’s story)” which was also given very many positive reviews. Three more sequels followed in the series which were gratefully received by the followers of these stories. Ken has never looked back since deciding to write Western stories and is about to embark on his 7th novel in the genre and will carry on for as long as the positive reviews continue.



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