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Dan Vanderburg

Dan  Vanderburg Updated February 08, 2016
Dan Vanderburg

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Arlington, Tx
Dan Vanderburg is a proud sixth-generation Texan whose ancestors helped tame the frontier and develop Texas into an independent republic and then a state in the American Union. Thrilling stories about the early days in Texas gave Dan the spark to research early Texas. His research led him to write about those exciting times. Family stories and legends are frequently found woven into Dan's novels.

After growing up and attending schools and colleges in the Dallas area, Dan spent most of his working career in mid-management of companies in the high tech industry. He played a part of the semiconductor industry growth from its beginning days of the early nineteen sixties to the highly automated, very expensive facilities of the second decade of the twentieth century. He also started writing novels and poetry during his evenings and weekends about 1990.

When Dan began writing his first novel, Legacy of Dreams, he had no experience typing. He started with a spiral notebook and a number two pencil. It wasn't long before he invested in an early computer with word processing software and taught himself to type -- sort of. He uses a six finger method.

The initial concept for Legacy of Dreams came from a little snippet of a story from family legend. It was an interesting little piece that he thought would make a good ending to a novel. From there, he developed strong characters with their own stories to tell and dropped them and their stories into actual historical events in Texas.

In addition to Mr. Vanderburg's activities as a novelist and poet, he is an accomplished lecturer and trainer. He speaks for social, fraternal and business organizations, and for church groups and retirement homes. His presentations are titled, Gone to Texas. He discusses what life was really like on the raw frontier of early Texas and includes book reviews and signings. His training programs include How to Write Your Memoir and How to Develop a Read and Critique Group. He also offers book signings at historically themed festivals and fairs around the state of Texas.

The Texas Legacy series is an epic saga spanning three books that touch the spirit of American adventure in colonial Texas as it follows two ambitious young men -- one white and one black -- the women they love and the families they raise. Jeff and Will face the difficulties of a raw frontier, deal with the issues of slavery and freedom and building new lives, homes and dreams along with their new country. The exciting but turbulent times result in Will and Jeff fighting to save their families and everything they've worked for on two fronts -- a war with Mexico for Texas' independence, a war with the Comanches for survival and ultimately, a war that divides neighbors and the entire country.

The Littlest Hero is also set in the colonial Texas era. Dan wanted to tell the story of the massacre at Goliad and other lesser known battles of Texas' war with Mexico for independence from the perspective of a very unique character. He chose a young, athletic, adventurous dwarf as the protagonist, and gave him a unique athletic background that justified his heroic actions. So Stub Lebeaux was born. The Littlest Hero follows Stub as he joins The New Orleans Greys, a real fighting unit, from Louisiana through the Texas War for Independence.

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