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Catherine Weaver

Catherine Anne Weaver Updated February 08, 2016




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Catherine Weaver

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Pen Name
Catherine Weaver
Where I Live
Mountain View, CA
Gold Dust: Alex Lee is a Freshman at Palo Alto High in the Silicon Valley. With no friends and the most ordinary name ever, not to mention a mother who has somehow turned into a mindless zombie, Alex doesn’t know how things could get worse. But when she comes face to face with a leprechaun on her way home from school, she finds out. Armed only with a clarinet and advice from her Buddha-quoting grandmother, Alex is forced into an adventure that will lead her from a high-tech security breach, through an army of griffins to a point where she could save her mom- if she isn’t torn apart by overwhelming magical forces first. Marked by humor and insight, this fresh take on the classic Spanish romance of the magical Island of California will keep readers turning pages as they try to find the answer to the question, “What will Alex do next?”
Phoenix Down continues the adventures of Alex Lee.
Tales From the Island of California is a book of short stories, mostly alternate histories, set in the same magical version of California the the Alex Lee adventures are set in.

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