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David Rattler

David Rattler February 06, 2016
David Rattler

Author Details

Where I Live
Bangor, ME.
David was born in Marianna, Arkansas; five months before the dreamer was gunned down on a balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. Having grown up in the racial charged aftermath of the civil rights movement era; his works reflect that insurrectionist, no hold barred, relentless zeal that pushes readers to an absolute truth. The author’s profound love of languages and unique style takes you on an unforgettable journey through the darkest realms of the human condition. His works has been described by many as an intense roller coaster ride of emotions. For years his bold, ruthless approach to storytelling has left readers in underground circles utterly speechless and bewildered. Some has referred to his brutal angle of attack as "The Shock Factor" the term quickly became his signature trademark.

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