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Celia Kole

Celia Kole Updated March 01, 2016
Celia Kole

Author Details

Where I Live
About Deviance: Natalya Michel is intelligent, hedonistic, wily, and an elite professional thief.

Eric Vinter is her client: infamous, lucrative, and enigmatic.

The two of them discover—and devour—both each other and those with whom they choose to share their … deviance … as they make their way through a criminal underworld, some of it their own creation.

Even if trust is never truly possible between them, lust certainly is. And perhaps even love.

About the Author: Celia Kole resides in a Victorian manor house in the northern Midwest. She is passionate about writing, gardening, and antiques. She lives a quiet and peaceful life, particularly in comparison to her characters and her cat.

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