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Kelleye Richards

Kelleye Richards April 16, 2016


Kelleye Richards

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Pen Name
Kelleye Richards
Where I Live
Kelleye Richards is a collaboration by Anya Kelleye and E.R. Richards. These two ladies met while role playing for one of their favorite book series. Branching out their role play, they decided to bring to life their own characters. Thus, Ember and Thoren were born.

These two aren’t the only characters clamoring for existence. More will follow in the BloodMoon & Magic series. So dive in and be immersed in their world of vampires, shifters, witches and all things paranormal.

Our debut book, Under A Blood Kissed Moon, is out now.


Thoren de Lucien
Shifters tore his family and clan apart, and now he’s a vampire tormented by his past. On the hunt, he kills any shifter who dares to cross his path. After a heated encounter with a female shifter, he goes after her, planning to get some answers and then dispose of her like all the others. Thoren is left shaken when what he got, wasn't what he was expecting.

Ember McGillivray-Scott
A snow leopard shifter raised by two vampires, she has never had issues of the fanged variety. However, one fateful night left her almost dead and at the mercy of a ruthless vampire. Thoren was unlike any she'd ever met, and she was determined to break through his tough exterior and help heal his broken past.

When Thoren’s past shows up in the form of two shifters, it threatens the bond they’ve formed. Will Thoren convince Ember she is all he needs? Or will his past tear them apart?


Under A Blood Kissed Moon by Kelleye Richards Book Trailer

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