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R. Kyle Hannah

R. Kyle Hannah Updated April 26, 2013



Book Listings

Praise for TIME ASSASSINS: "What a ride through time! Fantastically researched, R. Kyle Hannah, beautifully blends historical fact with science fiction in a way that makes perfect sense, drawing you into timelines that will take your breath away." -- Karen Dales, Author of the CHOSEN CHRONICLES.

Writer's Digest Review of TO AID AND PROTECT: "Reminiscent of some of the works of Arthur C. Clarke"...."There is some solid writing here, and the pace is swift and effective."
R. Kyle Hannah

Author Details

Pen Name
R. Kyle Hannah
Where I Live
Birmingham, Alabama
I am the author of the TIME ASSASSINS series: Time Assassins and Future History. FUTURE HISTORY, the second book in the series, is set to be released in the fall of 2013.
A futuristic Assassin's Guild sends trained assassins back in time to manipulate history. Alternate timelines, history, assassins...what could be better?

My first book, To Aid and Protect, is a great book for kids in their early teens.

My next project is a TV screenplay...classic sci-fi! More details on that later!


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