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Roger Ellman

Prepublished Author
Roger Ellman Updated April 21, 2016


Roger Ellman

Author Details

Pen Name
Roger Ellman
Where I Live
Bath UK and the next place I move to!
Actions, Abilities, Attributions

Expert Generalist – HiTech-HiArt-HiEnthusiasm–Management and Business Creation
>>Capabilities – at your service:
[] ContentCreation – writer -Volumes of website writings
[] Paintings – brilliant colours (colors!)
[] Writing, copy-writing and website content creator
[] Voiceover performer
[] Public speaking – business change and motivation, turbo-charging customer service
[] Market Creation – finding the market – global…international perspective
[] Usability and website click-to-buy ratio improvements
[] Unafraid to try new things, break with convention and take bold risks. Decisive and passionate once in motion!

>>A tiny sample of past History
[] Early days exporting music from the UK to the world
[] Large infrastructure business deals with Afghanistan and Nigeria
[] Establishing international agents for contact lens (USA) products – developing products
[] Video company and internet ventures USA, UK and Japan – Movie and Video Acquisition and distribution
[] Created Travel company featuring Greece – internet meets warm human help

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