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Joy Smith

Joy Smith Updated April 13, 2013



Book Listings

Seven 5-STAR REVIEWS as of April 12, 2013

"..."a fast-paced story set amidst the beauty and grit of Colombia's flower plantations and emerald mines with true-to-life characters. Well-written, a unique story and a great read!"

"Victor Novak isn't your typical billionaire romance hero. He's not rich, he's done some things he's not proud of and he's still looking for his place in the world. Marisol Garcia, on the other hand, already knows where she belongs --"

"A Thriller with Heart...From page one I felt like I traveled with Victor from one gritty America to another and I loved watching him navigate his new realities and rethinking what it takes to thrive. In Marisol, I found a strong and independent mother/daughter/sister with the weight of her world on her shoulders and a heart as fragile as the flowers she tended."

"An exciting story of a man's journey of self discovery and love... "

"...Ms. Smith writes believable, flawed characters that I wound up cheering and caring for on each page."
Joy Smith

Author Details

Where I Live
Hartford, CT

Love forces Victor Novak to acknowledge the man beneath the phony façade he has worn since puberty. Marisol Garcia has more on her mind than a fling with a handsome stranger. The greed for emeralds is a nasty business. Morals are corrupted; people die. When Victor Novak, a past-his-prime “lady’s companion,” learns he has a brother, a corrupt security guard at a private mine in Bogata, he seizes the opportunity to seek a more lucrative career in emeralds and flies to Colombia, South America for a visit. There, he meets Marisol Garcia, a single mother and talented botanist struggling to raise a teenage son and to save her family’s flower plantation from the man who murdered her father. When his brother talks him into partnering in a smuggling scheme involving Marisol’s prized lilies, Victor must choose between attaining his dream of wealth and privilege and the love he never thought he deserved.



Green Fire, the official book trailer, by author Joy Smith

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