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Phoenix Johnson

Phoenix Johnson Updated February 19, 2017
Phoenix Johnson

Author Details

Pen Name
Phoenix Johnson
Where I Live
Gold Coast, Australia
Phoenix Johnson is an Australian author who has always had the passion for the written word. She had her nose in at least one book ever since she could read and would even scrutinize the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast. The thrill of writing had left her for a few years until she was recently encouraged to take it back up by a celebrant at her daughters Naming Ceremony, and some family.
Mostly being interested in the paranormal, erotica is a genre new to the writing repertoire of Phoenix and she reveled in writing outside of her usual comfort zone. The Wolf In The Neighborhood is her first venture in to the genre of romance and erotica, as well as the first book in the Wolf Smitten Series. She hopes to one day publish the entire series in a paperback omnibus. Although respecting the ease and simplicity of electronic publishing, Phoenix loves the feel of a paperback novel in her hands and the joy of seeing her own work on a bookshelf is a much-desired goal.
Phoenix also reviews work of other authors in her spare time, and after only 5 months of reviewing was honored to be nominated for Best Reviewer in Xcite Books’ annual award ceremony.
She currently lives on the sunny Gold Coast with her partner, their daughter, cat named Flash and beta fish named Cranky.



The Wolf in the Neighborhood NOW AVAILABLE

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