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Mete Can Yumru

Mete Can Yumru Updated June 26, 2016


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Mete Can Yumru

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Where I Live
United Kingdom
I hold a B.Sc. Degree from Purdue University in Industrial Engineering. After my undergraduate studies, I have worked in private industry as an engineer/designer. I have continued my education at Durham University and acquired M.Sc. in Design and Operations Engineering.

I have always loved writing ever since from early childhood, and as an engineer I enjoy to analyze everything and follow a methodical approach for standardization, adding the experience I had with the topic at hand to give you easy to follow instructions or information on how to get stuff done. I am specifically interested and experienced in all topics related to finance/investments as well as business. I absolutely love this stuff and I am hoping you will love it too.

As a writer, I will focus on these topics since I spend a great deal of time and effort to constantly seek ways to improve wealth and am aiming to report my findings or suggestions to you as they become apparent. My hope and goal is to help you with my books in the topics you are interested in, obviously getting some personal satisfaction and gratification along the way as your humble information provider.

I am not exactly the oldest or wisest but I will do my best to improve your lives in the topics I write. I wish you all a happy and successful life. Always chase your dreams!!!

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