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Connor Fitzgerald

CF April 13, 2013



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5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

Voted 'Best Action Thrillers' on Goodreads
Connor Fitzgerald

Author Details

Pen Name
Connor Fitzgerald
Where I Live
Born and raised in Belfast throughout the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970's and 1980's I fully understand the blight of terrorism and how loss can affect a nation. Using my own experiences throughout a varied career I put pen to paper firstly to entertain but also to inform my readers about the many armed struggles still going own across the globe.

With limited military training but a desire to do good I came up with a concept that most can identify with. As every boy dreams of becoming a hero the organisation I have created selects ordinary people from their ordinary lives to play their part in fighting terrorism. Each individual gets a chance to put an end to terrorism and the misery it causes and what can be better than that! Connor Fitzgerald is the author of the B-Squad series of fast paced action thriller novels. Connor created the organisation which has a cult following across the world. Connor's writing is bang up to date and deals with the issues we all face on our planet today. his unique visual style is descriptive but not overbearing and reading his books can be likened to watching a big action blockbuster at the cinema. His appeal is far reaching with men and women enjoying his books. With female gun-toting characters his books have a sexy undertone than makes them simply; sexy, fast-paced and full of ACTION!


The B-Squad Series by Connor Fitzgerald
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The B-Squad

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