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Steve DeWinter

Steve DeWinter Updated March 09, 2018
Steve DeWinter

Author Details

Pen Name
Steve DeWinter
Where I Live
Silicon Valley, CA
I am a #1 Bestselling Amazon Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Author who also co-authored two fantasy novels with Charles Dickens. Yes! That Charles Dickens.

After selling more than 80,000 books (in print and digital) I have hit #1 on the Amazon Children’s Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Bestseller list, #1 on the Amazon Steampunk Bestseller list, and rose nearly to the top of other bestseller lists. I can also boast the unique distinction of having multiple books in the Top 20 of the Amazon Children’s Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Bestseller list all at the same time.

But those are just sales statistics, and not as important to me as the impact my writing has with even the most hesitant of readers due to the care and craft I put into each and every story. I love getting emails and letters from young readers (both boys and girls because I write action stories with heart), parents, and teachers thanking me for writing something young readers want to read and who often stay up for “just one more chapter” when they should be asleep. I am grateful every day to be given the opportunity to entertain my fans and turn reluctant readers into rabid readers.


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