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Graeme Neale

Graeme Neale August 10, 2016
Graeme Neale

Author Details

Pen Name
G H Neale
Where I Live
United Kingdom
ARCHIPELAGO is a metaphorical fugue of dissonance that conflates, and confronts, supra-realities with the ineffable nature of language. Saying less, and eschewing the egotistical notional worries of directly writing about the novel, I would wish to direct you to a fulsome review of its contents: Herewith the reviewer provides most worthy and pleasing commentary, imbedded in such expressions as: “an eye-opening literary-philosophical masterpiece.” For my own part, the whole of Archipelago contains a thematic expose of the philosophical problems of language and as such it presents itself through a meta-fictional, post-modern kaleidoscope. It is a whole roller coaster of text and should not be read by those who have difficulties with equilibrioception.

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