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M.S. Fowle

M.S. Fowle Updated November 28, 2015
M.S. Fowle

Author Details

Pen Name
M.S. Fowle
Where I Live
Maine, USA
Shout Out
I love to help out fellow authors where and when I can, so check out my website for helpful links and resources.

And be sure to check out for your book cover design needs.
Hi there! First of all, you can call me Mel.

I was born and raised in Maine and still live here with my family. On the surface, I’m an average American wife and mother, balancing life and work in blue jeans and sneakers. But I actually tend to favor the strange and unusual, mostly by way of fantasy and science fiction books and films. I also prefer dogs over cats and have an uncharacteristic animosity towards clowns. You can find my books on Amazon and Smashwords.


Nora's Sun by M.S. Fowle

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