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Virginia McKevitt

Virginia.McKevitt Updated May 17, 2016
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Pen Name
author Virginia McKevitt
Where I Live
New Orleans
McKevitt says; “FRACTURE, is a fantasy that is set in two worlds, one similar in ways to medieval times, the other in present day small town America. Fracture not only represents the separation of two worlds but a deeper look into the lives of a man who kills for a living and a young woman who realizes her life has a different path, one that entangles them both in a destiny neither will be able to walk away from.” Mckevitt says; “The Hunted, is far more complex than just a battle of good over evil, or one enemy over another. Each of these characters, good or bad, is in conflict with their own inner demons, as well as the external forces that cold destroy them all. I quote, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ We shall see



Fracture  for Virginia Mckevitt created & produced by OGTomes copyright 2012

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