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caroline dowdall

Caroline Ann Dowdall Updated October 13, 2016
caroline dowdall

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caroline dowdall
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JUST A SNIPPET TO TEMPT YOU.........“Not nice being a new girl is it,” said the mousey-haired girl as she turned and leaned over the back of her chair directly in front of Chloe.
“My name’s Jenna by the way, and that’s my boyfriend, Toby, over there.” She waved her hand carelessly in the direction of a long-haired boy who in turn nodded and flashed a very enchanting smile directly at Chloe.
“I’m only telling you coz he finks it’s fun to try it on with any new girl. He has bets wiv his mates that he can get in their knickers in the first week. He has a chart on his bedroom wall and gives ya points.”
Having spent many years living in the USA, Cyprus and Middle East, Caroline is now happily settled in Southern Spain with her husband John and their four rescued dogs. She continues to spend her time writing and looking after the family home while her husband travels for short contracts. In their spare time they are both dedicated to renovating their 200 year old property. She has three sons and five grandchildren.

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