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E D Wala Chabala, PhD

E D Wala Chabala November 02, 2016


E D Wala Chabala, PhD

Author Details

Where I Live
Lusaka, Zambia
If economic development is pictured as a race, then there are some countries that lead the race, while there are those that lag far behind. The latter are the laggards of economic development and this book presents dramatic characterisation of issues and actors that cause some countries to be laggard economies. And so a new term of characterising poor countries has been coined: Laggard Economies. The book ends by highlighting that some global challenges, such as immigration and terrorism, can not be adequately resolved without solving the challenges of Laggard Economies. Indeed, it is argued that the problems of Laggard Economies are global problems and need to be addressed at the global level.

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